fabric designs - papa drew

“Hidden Source” is a collection of photos, which have been manipulated and duplicated to create original patterns. To view the pattern individually would give no indication of the original source, and while the patterns are unique, the understanding of where they’ve come from adds a layer that is both surprising and unexpected. Working the image through photo editing software, image by image there are many possible outcomes, depending on the decision to flip, rotate or continue the image. Once the pattern is complete the old image is barely recognisable and a new patterned image takes on a life of its own. Perfect for creating original fabrics.

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Spiky Plant, Russell Island, QLD

Spiky Plant, Russell Island, QLD

This plant can leave a lingering pain if you accidentally get jabbed by it. As a pattern, the edges create something unexpected in a refreshing bright green pallet.

Repeat7x5 cm