Mahdieh's Pear

Pear, Kelvin Grove State College. QLD

Mahdieh’s pear’ is truly one of those images which captured a moment in time. Every time I look at this photo I am taken back to that Tuesday afternoon, in late October 2011 when I was enjoying a relaxed conversation with the year 7 teachers after a busy school day. For whatever reason, Mahdieh presented the group with the most beautiful looking pear. Commenting on the artistic form of the fruit, she pulled out her phone and started taking photos of it. Camera at the ready, I scanned the room, looking for the best way to do justice to this magnificent piece of fruit. A lover of natural light, I placed it on the window sill where it sat, enshrined in the afternoon sun.

A black and white version of the image placed second at the Samford Show. The judges were of two minds about the title ”Don’t Jump”. My thinking was, with a world full of Apple products, the pear felt alienated. Well, the pear need not feel alienated anymore, as it now sits alongside many other pears in this patterned fabric design. 

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