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December 2014. I’d just started my annual leave when I picked up my camera and went for a walk through our great city, something I do from time to time, always sharpening my skills as a photographer. I had just been through St Stephen’s Cathedral in Elizabeth Street, where I’d taken some nice photos using the natural light filtering through the church. Taking aim from the steps of the church and with one of my bigger lenses on, I scanned the buildings in front of me and took a shot directly across the road into a window, reflecting my own image. Swinging my camera to the right I took a shot of this brick building, with a focus on the panorama window frames. That simple photo of a basic brick wall forms the basis of this unusual pattern. I love to photograph architecture, and whilst editing buildings in black and white tends to be the default option, I felt my patterns were becoming a little ‘same same’ using the B&W. Instead, I chose to edit this using inverse colour, which is a bit like the negative in old school film days. Blues and browns became the colour pallet of this image, and the negative of the green tree became white, which almost adds a floral edge to a rather masculine pattern.

Side of Building, Brisbane, QLD
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