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Butter factory, Uki NSW

Valentine’s Day 2015, we hit the road early to meet our good friends Chris and Meredith at the Tweed River Art Gallery to see the new Margaret Ollie house/art studio replica. Our son Justin and his partner Megan had told us all about a beautiful little town called Uki, which they fell in love with, so we thought we’d have a look at what they were all excited about on the way to the gallery. Uki is a beautiful little historic village in the foothills of Mt Warning. It didn’t disappoint. Uki, where the mountains meet the sky, was everything they described and more. There was a lovely growers market held in a local hall. You’ve never seen fresher fruit and vegies. Uki

We walked up the tiny street poking in and out of the quaint little shops, like ‘big city’ tourists, the type the locals probably love to hate, the type that think in one short visit, they really ‘get’ the Uki vibe but without the tourist dollar, the town might die a slow death. While this place seemed so far away from mainstream society, it still appeared to be as ‘cutting edge’ as the big metropolitan cities. On our walk we saw a poster for a film festival we thought was only going to capital cities, and the shops were all unique and original. The historical Uki Butter factory was the place where the local dairy farmers used to bring their milk and cream to be processed, until the early 1960s. Out the front were some massive cogs, which I assume, at one stage were an integral part of its operation. With a long-held interest in the Steam Punk fashion genre, I grabbed some photos of the cogs which to me screamed steam punk.

Coming across the photo recently, I knew it was a perfect fit for a papa drew original fabric design.

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