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It all started with one shirt. One very unique, well designed, European sports shirt from the 70’s.

I found it in an op shop in 1995. I wore it til it practically fell off my back. So attached was I to the style of the shirt, I unpicked it and had the pattern professionally drafted so I could make another. I knew it was one of a kind. So I did make another shirt, and it too became a staple in my wardrobe until it was just too worn. The cardboard pattern pieces hung silently for the next 15 years.

Fast forward to 2019. Slow fashion is here, upcycling is part of everyday life, and being unique is celebrated. Introducing papa drew’s original short sleeve shirts. Using reclaimed fabric ‘found’ by me and the pattern described above, all shirts are carefully cut out by me, many using my 150 year old Heinisch tailor’s shears then sewn locally in Brisbane. No two shirts are the same making them truly original.

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